Great Souls: Six Who Changed a Century

"It is a marvelous series that should be seen and re-seen in the homes of believers and non-believers."
Review by:
Dr. Ted Baehr, Movie Guide

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The turbulent second half of the twentieth century was marked by a remarkable group of men and women who, by the strength of their character, powerfully shaped the lives of millions of people, one life at a time. Among the journalists and authors who observed their unique lives was former senior correspondent for TIME Magazine, DAVID AIKMAN, who lived and worked amid the famous and powerful, reporting from world capitals as the history of the century unfolded before his eyes. He was not alone as his colleagues, fellows authors and journalists around the world observed, reported and studied these men and women. Now in a landmark series of biographical profiles, David Aikman and his fellow journalists and authors capture for us the essence of six of these remarkable individuals. WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY, SIR DAVID FROST, DAN RATHER, and WALTER ISSACSON headline a roster of leading journalists and authors to give the world an inside look at the dramatic challenges and sometimes controversial crossroads that shaped these six world shaping lives, that made each one a hero of our time, and truly one of the twentieth century’s GREAT SOULS.

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